New Product
Peach Functional Insect Screen / Net
Material: PE monofilament Color: Peach Size: 24 mesh, 32 mesh Width: 6 feet, 7 feet, 12 feet, 14 feet Length: 300 feet Features: Promote plant growth, solid vegetable plants, increase income, has insect repellent effect and effectively reduce pests and diseases.
Product and model: WA2424 / WA3232

Application: Vegetables, orchards and various plants. Product Description: Peach functional insect net can be used and adjusted according to the intensity of sunlight. Peach functional insect net can promote plant photosynthesis for fruits and vegetables. Peach functional insect net can promote quality, sweetness, fragrance and taste.

  New Product
Black and White Knitted Papaya Net
Material: PE monofilament Color: Black and White Size: Width: 14 feet Length: 300 feet Features: It has the double benefits of shading and insect control. It can be black and white, and the papaya plants can take turns to light and hibernate with the movement of light. Black has a shading effect to greatly reduce the temperature in the net. Effectively prevent aphids from invading. It is tough and durable and can withstand strong winds. It is the best choice for fixed type net rooms.
Product and model: RR9490

Application: Papaya net room. Product Description: Black and white knitted papaya net has both function of anti-insect and partial shading effect. It is our new patent products. The color is black and white interval. Black and white knitted papaya net is tough and durable. Black and white knitted papaya net is suitable for fixed net room.

  New Product
Shade Sail
Material: PE flat yarn Color: Blue, Green Size: 4.8M / 16 feet Features: 1.Lightweight and convenient to carry, anti-ultraviolet, easy to dismantle, and many advantages of bright colors in one, take it with you portable. 2.For small area and small place, the shade sail can solve your problems, and the flat yarn knitted RK shade sail is sturdy and durable without being restricted by the space and location. shading rate: 80% ~ 90% 3.HunkunNET shade sail can also be printed and advertised on the product.
Product and model: RK6380

Application: Camping barbecues, picnic tents, courtyard rest, coffee shop, parking lot, outdoor picnics, roof shades, etc. are widely applicable. Product Description: HunkunNET shade sail can be simply installed without tools. HunkunNET shade is lightweight and easy to carry. HunkunNET Shade sail comes with assembled rope.